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Pencilmation 11 Pencilmation 11

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Out of "pencil"

I love your pencilmation animations but this one was not good enough I'm afraid.
The same style is there but we barely saw the pencil.
We have the story that goes plain and unchanging, and then the pencil changes it somewhat.
That is what pencilmation is all about.
Sometimes it doesn't mater what the story is, but more about what the pencil do.
That's what makes this series so great.
Make more "pencil" into the animation.

The color part isn't so great either, because it don't match the single color pencil.

Pencilmations are about, what ideas can you come up with from using a pencil.
One pencil.
That is exciting.
This animation lost all that.
The art-style is simply not good enough.

I end this review by saying that you need to use the pencil more and don't use colors.
Use background color only.


P.S. Great animation anyway.

P.S.S. Try make an animation by the name, Out of Ink.
Could be cool XD
Would be exciting since you wouldn't know how you could use a pencil without ink :D
Try it out.

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Email > Mail Email > Mail

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Avage flash movie, but major errors

First of all, I have to wonder how this got to be on the front page but never mind that.
The plot for this flash movie is quite good but not executed so well.
We all see a man who writes a letter to someone and goes to the post house to send it.
What first got my attention was the Italian flag.
I did wonder why it was there but if you are Italian then it's ok.
Then the letter is delivered and i thought it would go for more since the flash movie's name is "Email > Mail", which I presume means that Email is superior to the regular mail, but then the movie ends with a robot transform the delivery man into a computer with the words "You got mail!" and you hear the Daft Punk music and then the flash ends.

First of all, that annoys me since I expected more out of what happened in the flash.
Next, the words are in Italian i presume.
How are we suppose to know what it says?
I could understand the meaning that you use a different language if I found this a different place but this is NewGrounds.
People here speak English and if you can speak English too, then why the Italian text?
Next is the credits:
They are supose to be IN the flash and not in the description.
Speaking of, you only credit your self in the flash.
Legally speaking, this flash is actually illegal since no credit was given within the submission.
Last we have the end screen.
There is no replay button.
So even if we wanted to watch this again, we have to reload the page.
That is unnecessarily.

I give 5/10 stars for the reason that there are many errors here and that they are major too.
Some quick changes to the ending screen and this flash could earn another star.

~By Hasaxan92

P.S. the drawings are good for their art.

Super Mario bros Z ep.8 Super Mario bros Z ep.8

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing episode :D

I am the one who uploads the episodes as soon as the episodes comes out to a different site.
To settle it out:
In the videos I tell that I only presents them and I didn't make them but you did.
So i take nothing of credit.
now that's out of the way.

I am amazed how many sprites you actually made in this :O
I especially love the Sonic the Firehog sprite :D
I didn't think it would be THIS advanced to get Peach back this time so it's awesome :D
Take your time with the next one.
If they get this good in that time then i am willing to wait two years :D

Keep up the awesome work Alvin :)

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Hit Machine (Multiplayer) Hit Machine (Multiplayer)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool play :D

I like it.
I sure will play it more :D
10/10 and 5/5

iminlikewithyou responds:

Thanks Hasax!

The Legend of Newgrounds The Legend of Newgrounds

Rated 4 / 5 stars


johny399: In other words: make a new LoZ T_T kinda dumb.
It takes nintendo some time to make one of these games and you ask these guys to make one too?
Too big of a job.

ShirkDeio responds:

It is a big job to make something of this magnitude. Even this took a LONG TIME to make.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow this is the best!

I completed the game with 3 medals.
Awesome made.
You could call this the alternate ending from SHIFT 1.
Ohh and smroWfonaC, you level has plenty of places that you can get stuck unlike the game.
Mine however have i checked so much that you only can get stuck on purpas.(sry don't know how it spelled -_-)
Here is the code for my game:
221320Z15Z1C002013122131AAB0504212213 2AAAB003141100151A022132AA0010131AAB0 4041122132AB1213212132AAAC22132AB1213 2AB33421AB22132AB12112521124013133241 A040151004212213200241C00402415011212 132C003345103451A04042122132C00121321 21321213232132AAB020Z22132C0020132C00 9013102131AB20112622127211222132C0052 131B213220131AB10Z10Z10Z2213252ZC005Z 12013120131AB10ZC0010Z221322313123131 231312013120131AB10ZC0080Z

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Legend of Zelda GO REMIX Legend of Zelda GO REMIX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


"GO" on with it.
This was fun to listen and the entire song is only the "GO"s
It is good and fun to listen to.
Awesome made.